Hello, my name is Jeff Payne, and welcome to my composition website.  Here you can find examples of my work for the Tesseract Interactive Humanities and Game Design lab at the University of Arkansas, concert works I've written, and music from other freelance projects I have worked on.  If you would like to download examples of my work, they can be found at noisetrade.com/jeffpaynemusic or jeffpaynemusic.bandcamp.com

I am a graduate of the University of Arkansas, with a Bachelor's degree in music education and music composition.  Not having many opportunities in Northwest Arkansas to practice my skills at creating music for media, I started by composing for short films created by friends in film school.  After taking a semester of film scoring from documentary film composer and composition teacher Dr. James Greeson, I was fortunate to begin working for the Tesseract lab at the University of Arkansas, which had just begun.  Not having any experience I created music for a video game designed to be played over the course of the semester, and learned what to do as well as what not to do when making music for media.  A week after graduating, I took a short summer course on video game scoring at the University of Central Oklahoma with Chance Thomas as the instructor.  After learning from him and my other classmates, I was able to create a more robust and musically satisfying score for the second Tesseract project, a game called Saeculum.  Saeculum explores Roman history and culture over several centuries through a fictional narrative set in historical events.  I am now currently working on re-making the music for Mythos Unbound, the first game by Tesseract, as well my own collection of instrumental music and songs.


You will find two sections of my work on this website.  "Interactive Game Music" shows examples of the work I did for Mythos Unbound, the first game project by the Tesseract Game Design Lab at the University of Arkansas.  Performers include Andie Schenk, cello; Tazonio Anderson, viola; Brice Smith, flute; Allison Dean, voice; Amanda Davis, voice; and Breana Stewart, voice.

"Concert Works" is for pieces that can be performed live.  Brushstrokes on a Simple Field is a flute and piano duet that features Anna Hall and Jacob Lee, respectively.  Sketches on an Autumn Day is a saxophone quartet piece performed by Joseph Rulli on soprano saxophone, Crystal Skahan on alto saxophone, Will Brani on tenor saxophone, and myself on baritone saxophone.


I certainly hope that you enjoy my music.