New Project News: What Is Above

Hello friends, thank you for spending some time with me today.  I am beginning the process of recording my next release, "What Is Above", due sometime in the next month.

Photo and Design courtesy of Emily Steward Photography

Photo and Design courtesy of Emily Steward Photography

These are tracks I've been working on for a few months now, and I am very excited about how they will sound when everything is finished.  These tracks started as demos for me to build my portfolio with, but grew in my heart into something much more.  I am a Christian, and although I sometimes struggle with my faith and how it relates to the rest of the world, I am rooted in the idea that Jesus came to show us a better way to live.  I know that not everyone shares that belief, and I wrote this music for people of both backgrounds.  This album was created with the idea in mind that people who aspire to do good find those values in something bigger than themselves.  We choose to accept and live on values that are contrary to our nature so that we can bring more good into the world.  This album is an instrumental journey through some of those values.  Hope, Love, Wonder, and Life are the five tracks of this album, and I try to bring a well-roundedness to each one.  None of the above nouns are static.  Love is not always easy, but out of the struggles can come the most beautiful thing I can think of.  

I will be putting the album up on Noisetrade for free, which is a great service that helps music get out into the world easier, but I will need your help.  My reach is only so far, and if you like what you hear, or think your friends would like it, please share links to my music or promotional material, it would help me out very much and I would appreciate it greatly.

I hope to finish the music sometime in the next month, and if you could please follow me for me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, I would greatly appreciate the likes and shares (links found at the bottom of the page).  


Thank you,