Stepping Out, My Near's Resolution, and Preemptive Love.

I am a husband, father of a little one, a teacher who travels two hours a day to get to work.  Needless to say, I don't tend to have too much free time.  This makes it difficult to do one of the things I love to do, which is to create music.  And because of my insecurities, anxiety, and desire to present a perfect product, I could tinker on a piece of music forever.  But I decided to step out and make music this year, despite difficulties in being able to record or produce, because doing something was better than doing nothing.  Even if I put out a product I'm not 100% proud of, I will be able to learn from mistakes or shortcomings to make something better in the future.  So my challenge to myself is to release one new piece of music every two months, starting in March.  

Which brings me to my song, "Stepping Out".  I decided on the title because I've entered such a different season of life than I was in a year ago, and it would be easy to let everything that is new overwhelm my creativity.  But I've decided to step out into these circumstances I have and do my best to be a good husband, father, teacher, and creator.  And however, bothersome, difficult, or tiresome my life feels at times, I know that I still live such a privileged life compared to so many.  Which is why I will be donating all tips from "Stepping Out" to an organization called Preemptive Love.  Shortly after my son was born I saw the image of the three year old Syrian boy face down on the shore of the Mediterranean.  This weighed on me in a way I had never experienced, as I could only see the body of my son on that beach.  And as I write this, just as I did then, I cry.  My heart is broken deeper than I ever thought it could be.  Around the same time, I saw a video on my Facebook feed from Preemptive Love showing the dazed Syrian boy after a bomb had exploded near him, and again I wept, seeing my son's dazed eyes from amidst that dust.  Preemptive Love does amazing work providing food and necessities to people in these war-torn areas.  They currently on the ground in West Mosul as it is being liberated from ISIS control.  Please donate to their cause.  Again, all tips from "Stepping Out" will be donated to Preemptive Love.  


Download and support Preemptive Love here.